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Jenny Loftes, Jino Punnassery, Ty Leary presenting Leadership Workshop at Uni SA

Informative and entertaining sessions that can be 1 day workshops, intensive, hands-on 3 hour sessions or 40 minute keynote style.

  • Experienced TV presenter

  • Experienced entertainer

  • Experienced University lecturer

  • Published author

  • Different from your usual presentation! Incorporates live music to reinforce the message!

  • Tailored to suit you!

  • Director of MBAC-SA that provides mentoring, training and workshops for MBA students

       Check out their website:


  • Fear of Failure

  • Leadership Skills

  • Marketing

  • Internet Marketing Secrets

  • How to Market Yourself

  • How to Run Successful Events

  • How to be a Successful Public Speaker

  • So You Want to be in Retail?

  • How to write a Marketing Plan

  • How to write a Business Plan

Conflict Management
Australian Local Government Women's Assoc. Board
Jenny Loftess, Glenn Twiddle
Jenny Loftes, Glenn Twiddle, Rydges Hotel, Sydney
Mal Emery, Jenny Loftes
Internet Marketing Secrets Book
Pat Boone, Jenny Loftes
MBAC Leadership Workshop at Uni SA
Not The Andrew Sisters entertaining at Support Act SA
Mal Emery & Jenny,Sydney Business Street Smart
Jenny Loftes & Pat Boone 
Australian Local Government Women's Assoc. Board
Jenny's latest book available at:
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